First Annual Virtual Conference

Oct 30 2019

The first annual BehaviorCloud virtual conference was a huge successs and we'd like to thank everyone who participated!

A special congratulations to Rachel Chen of UT-Austin for winning the 2019 BehaviorCloud Fellowship for her work on circadian rhythm disruption and neuroimmune function!

In case you missed it, we wanted to provide a fun, relaxed forum for researchers to learn about the newest technologies in behavioral research and share their most exciting work, so we created the first annual BehaviorCloud Virtual Conference! The entirely web-based conference featured live talks by industry experts, poster presentations, and some excellent discussions with scientists working in the field of behavior! It was a great opportunity for students to practice their posters and for established investigators wanting to learn more about behavior.

We hope you'll plan to join us next year when we host our 2nd annual virtual conference!

Join over 500 labs doing behavior more efficiently and collaboratively.

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