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Internet-enable your instruments and start streaming data to your BehaviorCloud account

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How it Works

Control instruments and receive data back in real-time directly through BehaviorCloud
San Diego Instruments Photobeam system streaming data to cloud
  • Get the Bridge

    BehaviorCloud Bridge is a plugin device or software extension that runs on your existing lab instruments, allowing you to bypass the original software and unify all your data in your BehaviorCloud account.

  • Control any instrument

    BehaviorCloud automatically recognizes your paired instruments and presents the relevant settings to run your experiment.

  • Receive data in real-time

    Your raw data streams to your BehaviorCloud account in real-time, so it's accessible for review and analysis from anywhere just by logging in to your secure account.


Unify your data on the cloud
  • Behavioral or Physiological Equipment

    The Bridge lets you connect all your existing instruments to your BehaviorCloud account, including beam-break sensors, telemetry devices, and metabolic chambers.

  • All your data, at your fingertips

    Use the Bridge to aggregate all of your phenotype data into one place, where it's secure, searchable, and accessible from any device. Your BehaviorCloud account is your personal data repository.

  • Current Compatibility

    The Bridge is currently available for San Diego Instruments' Photobeam Activity System. Additional compatibility coming soon!

What you Need

Get the Bridge, get an account, and get started
BehaviorCloud Bridge
  • BehaviorCloud Account

    Start now by signing up for a free account. Collect, analyze, and share data all from one place.

  • BehaviorCloud Bridge

    The Bridge is currently available for pre-order for San Diego Instruments' Photobeam Activity System. Are you an instrument vendor? Let's talk about adding you to our growing list of partners.

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